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July 24, 2024  

The Language of Marriage
The Language of Marriage
Readings for your ceremony, to help you write your vows, or inspire your love.

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Real Wedding Vows

The following wedding vow sample comes to us through Krystal who says,

"Your wedding vow worksheet was a great help in aiding us in our attempt to write our own vows. I would recommend it to anyone that I know that is or will be getting married. I myself did not like the traditional vows or the other sets that the JP had sent to us. I felt that writing our own would make our day more special... Thank you so much for coming up with the idea of the worksheet."

The Wedding Vows of Kevin and Krystal

___________(name), I love you with all my heart.
You are my one and only, my rock, and my inspiration.
It seems like only yesterday that we started our lives together and allowed our love to bloom.
I knew in my heart that we were meant to be together.
My love for you is never ending and I cherish every second we are together.
And I will continue to cherish our love forever and never take it for granted.
Nothing can, or ever will change these feelings deep inside of me.
And I most look forward to growing old with you in the many years to come, til death do us part.

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