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How Do I Create My Wedding Website?


Making your wedding website will be a fun experience - especially when you see the results. The initial setup should take less than an hour.

As you proceed through the setup, make sure you hit 'Save' or 'Next' and your information will be there for you to come back to and complete at a later date if need be. Just remember your Login and Password and you can change or update your page at anytime.

With that said, making your site at is easy. Just follow these steps.

 Create Your Account
  1. Click on 'Build Your Site' - located on the top toolbar

    Or go to

  2. Click on the link under 'New Couples' to begin creating your account.

    Or go to

  3. Enter the Bride and Groom's e-mail address

  4. Enter your desired login and password - write these down, you won't want to forget them!

  5. Answer the other questions and review our Terms of Service and then press 'Next'

  6. You will be presented with a confirmation screen. Check that you information is correct and press 'Yes'.

 Now you are in the PageBuilder!

To continue to build your site you will need to enter some general information.

  1. You will enter information about the Bride (remember, do not exit without hitting 'Save' or 'Next' so you will not lose information you have entered)

  2. When that is complete, hit 'Next' to enter information about the groom. Continue to hit 'Next' until you are finished with the General Information.

  3. Once you have entered this information the PageBuilder will automatically take you to the next step - choosing your style.
If you have exited and are returning to continue entering information, and have previously completed the General Information, you can avoid having to hit the 'Next' button by clicking on 'Styles' in the left frame.

 Choose a style for your wedding website

The style consists of the background image for your website, what sort of buttons you would like on your site (for some of the links to your other pages), the color of your text and rollovers, and more.

Once you have completed the styles section (checkbox will be checked in left frame), the PageBuilder will automatically take you to the next step - Add-ons. Or you can click on 'Add-ons' in the left frame.

 Choose which add-ons you would like for your site.

To see examples and prices of our add-ons go to

When you sign up (for a limited time only) we are offering your "Welcome Message" for FREE! Simply click 'Activate' next to 'Welcome Message'.

For the remaining add-ons, you can either select individual add-ons for a 1 week FREE trial, or you can purchase an add-on for one year by checking "activate" next to the add-ons you would like to purchase.

When you are finished checking which add-ons you would like, hit 'Next'. (Remember, you can choose more add-ons at a later date by clicking on 'Add-Ons' on the left frame, activating the desired add-ons and clicking 'Next'.)

When you click 'Next', PageBuilder will automatically take you to the next step - either 'Billing' or 'Build Your Site', depending on your add-on selections.


If you have selected any add-ons that are not free, you will be taken to our Billing Wizard. You can pay online by MasterCard of Visa. You can also pay by check, but your account will not be activated until your payment is received.

Fill out all required information in the Billing section and press 'Next' until you have completed the payment process. Because Bwedd values your personal security, pages requesting your credit card number are protected by SSL. If you have any questions during the process, contact us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the screen. At the end of the Billing section, PageBuilder will automatically take you to the next area - 'Build Your Site'.

 Build Your Site

This is where you will enter all of the information in for your add-ons, such as your ceremony and reception date and times, or your bridal party biographies. To enter this information you must click on each of the add-ons individually under 'Build Your Site' in the left frame. You will then enter and save your information just like you did for the General Information section. As you complete each add-on a checkmark will appear in the checkbox next to that add-on. You can, of course, change or update the information in your add-ons at any time.

Congratulations! Your website is complete! You can view it on the web at the URL (web address) that you chose in the General Information section. It will be If you can't remember what you chose, just click on 'General' in the left frame and hit 'Next' until you reach the proper screen. If you have any other questions or concerns you can reach us by clicking on 'Contact Us' or sending an e-mail to . Thank you, congratulations, and good luck!

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