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July 24, 2024  

How Do I Create My Own Wedding Website?
 Step by step instructions on how you can build your own wedding website.
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 Easy craft ideas for your wedding.
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 Articles to help you plan your reception.
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 Articles to help you reduce your wedding stress.
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Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Photo AlbumsNow your guests can go to your personal wedding website and see photos of you and your fiance! No other online wedding website builder allows as many photos, the uniqueness of our sites, or the flexibility and ease of changing your site and photos. You can have as many photo albums as you would like, and as many pictures in each album as you like. See an example of wedding photo albums. Here is how it works:

You are given 5 albums to start with -
  • Our Story Photo Album
  • Parties and Showers Photo Album
  • Wedding Ceremony Photo Album
  • Wedding Reception Photo Album
  • Ever After Photo Album

But, you can rename, or add photo albums at any time by going to the "Manage Photo Albums" tab in the PageBuilder for your site. You can also edit your photos in the following ways:

  • Add a caption to your photo
  • Change the width of photos
  • Change the height of photos
  • Delete photos if decide you don't want them in your album anymore
  • Change the order of the photos within each photo album

Creating your Online Wedding Photo Album is easy! After signing up for your site and choosing "Photo Albums" you can begin uploading pictures to your site by clicking on the "Manage Photos" link in the left frame within the PageBuilder. Choose "Add", find the photos on your computer, upload them, and then you can begin editing them and managing your Photo Albums as well.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at - we would be happy to answer your questions!

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