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Making Your Ceremony Program


  T H E   C O S T   E F F E C T I V E   B R I D E

  Vol 1, No. 6                   March 26, 2001


Kelly Kons, Editor,

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The Cost-Effective Bride \ Kós-te-'fek-tiv Brid \  n.
(2001):  The about-to-be-married woman that desires the
tangible, emotional, and memorable benefits of her
wedding to outweigh the money and time spent on
producing those benefits.  She is both elegant and fun,
emotional and sensible.  She understands that more
expensive does not necessarily equal better.  She is


                 FEATURED ARTICLE


Thinking about having wedding programs at your
ceremony?  Don't pay someone else to do this when you
can make a very elegant, and cost-effective program
yourself.  Of course, this will cost you time and
energy, but can be a wonderful project if you are
experiencing Just-before-the-wedding Not-much-left-to-
do Need-something-to-keep-me-busy Syndrome.

Here is what you will need (remember, though, each
guest does not need his or her own program.  You can
instruct your ushers to hand one out per family, or
just to the adults, etc.):

1) 65 lb. Card Stock Paper 8 1/2 x 11 (color of your
choice) - Sold at office supply stores.  Ex.

2) Vellum 8 1/2 x 11 (a translucent, smooth, type of
paper) - this can be found at most craft stores and
often at office supply stores, sometimes in the
drafting supplies aisle.  Small warning - I had some
trouble finding enough of this.  You may need to order
it via catalog, which could take a couple of weeks.

3) Laser or Inkjet Printer (obviously, this may not be
cost-effective if you don't already own one.  I don't
suggest buying a printer just to make your wedding
programs, so ask around, maybe a friend would let you
borrow theirs in return for an ink cartridge.)

4) Ribbon (color and style of your choice) - found at
craft stores.

5) Single-hole paper puncher - found at most office
supply stores, however, I bet your mom already has one.

6) Possibly, a paper-cutter (you may need to cut your
vellum in 8 1/2 x 11 inch pieces) - found at most
office supply stores, but check if you can borrow a
school's, business's, or church's first.

7) Oh yeah, and a computer (equipped with word
processing software) - found at most office supply
stores, libraries, or friend's houses.

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To begin working on your program, you are first going
to need to know the order of your ceremony.  Talk with
your Officiant about this, and be sure to okay it with
him or her before you begin.  Write the order on a
piece of paper and go over it several times to make
sure you are not missing anything.

Next, begin typing your program.  You will probably
want your paper in landscape mode, so that when you
fold it, it will be longer than it is wide.  Also,
choose two columns to help line up each side.  And
remember, if you are putting words or a printed pattern
on the cover these will need to be on the right-hand
side of the paper - words for the back of the program
will go on the left.

Once you have your program typed to your satisfaction,
you have the following decision: Print the order on the
vellum or print the order on the paper.  Either way, it
is going to look nice, and either way, you will want to
print the cover and back of the program on the
opposite.  For example, I chose to print my cover on
the card stock.  Then, I printed the actual meat of the
ceremony on the vellum.

Note: If you are using an InkJet printer, make sure to
let the vellum dry for a few minutes before touching it
where the ink is.  This will smear if you are not

Now comes the laborious part.  You will need to fold
each piece of card stock and each piece of vellum in
half.  Depending on what your preference was, place the
folded vellum inside the folded card stock or vice
versa.  Next, punch two holes through both the vellum
and the card stock in the center-fold - each about 1
1/2 inches from the edge.  Cut a piece of ribbon about
one foot long, and test it to see if it is too long or
too short to tie in between your two punched holes with
a nice bow on the outside.  Adjust the length
accordingly, but don't tie it back on.  Use this piece
as your measuring stick and begin cutting the rest of
the ribbon the same length.

When you are finished cutting the ribbon, begin tying
your programs together with a simple bow on the
outside.  Place your finished programs in a tulle-lined
basket for your ushers to grab them from and you are
ready to go!

Here are some additional ideas for your programs:

- If you want to remember a loved one who has passed
on, consider placing a single rose on the altar and
then writing a special note about that person on your
program beginning with "The single rose on the altar is
in loving memory of..."

- Craft and office supply stores often sell stamps that
you can use to decorate your program with.  Also, you
might want to try using some of those fancy scissors
that will cut the edge of your program in a jagged or
curvy line.

- Don't forget to thank your guests for attending your
wedding and reiterate any special instructions you may
have for them.  For example, "Maps to the reception can
be found at the back of the church."

- And don't forget to save one of the programs for
yourself!  After all that hard work, you will want to
place one in your wedding album or scrapbook.

If you would like to see a picture of the Ceremony
Program that I created, go to:

Until next time, I hope that all of your wedding
planning is successful and that you find this project a

Kelly Kons, Editor

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