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July 24, 2024  

How much does it cost?

Your site can cost between $3 and $100 depending on which add-ons you choose. Our average purchase is $36.00 for a site for one full year. Check out all of our add-on choices and their individual per year prices on our pricing page. Read more about our websites.

How Do I Create My Own Wedding Website?
 Step by step instructions on how you can build your own wedding website.
What does it cost?
 View current prices, descriptions, and examples of available wedding website add-ons.
Frequently Asked Questions
 Find the answer to your question in our FAQ.

Couple Account Setup and Free Trial Setup

  Sign up for your account or one-week free trial. You will use the following information to access your account in the future. Please place this information in a safe place for later use and reference it in all correspondence with Brilliant Wedding Pages.

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 Confirm password: 
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 Primary e-mail contact: should notify us of new features and updates as they become available for our website
 Please send us the 'Cost Effective Bride' newsletter
We NEVER sell, rent, or trade the addresses of people who join our lists. You can be removed from the list at any time.
Review our Terms of Service:
Brilliant Wedding Pages does not allow Websites that contain or link to defamatory, offensive, pornographic, or hateful material, or that in any other way violate our Community Expectations or Terms of Service. Please read our Community Expectations and Terms of Service to familiarize yourself with our policies and standards.

By clicking on the "Next" button below, you are accepting these terms.

Sign Up for a Free Trial
To sign up for a one-week free trial choose a login and password (above). Once you are in PageBuilder, follow the process it takes you through. When you get to the add-ons page, simply checkmark "Free Trial" next to each add-on that you would like to try. Hit "Next" and enter information for each of the add-ons, then go to your site!

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