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Planning a Wedding to Remember

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That Special Touch

As I attend more and more weddings, I realize that what makes them each unique is the special touch that each bride (and groom) gives to their wedding.  Something that can enhance this touch is the attention to detail that the couple provides when taking care of their wedding guests.  This week's Cost-Effective Bride is ideas to give your wedding that special touch when it comes to taking care of your wedding guests.

If you think your wedding is going to be especially emotional, then provide Kleenex for your guests by scattering travel packs amongst the pews.  If someone is particularly creative in your family, you can even have them create your own travel packs in your wedding colors.

At your ceremony, place a basket with maps from the ceremony location to the reception location near the exit.  This is always helpful. (Even when the couple sends me a map in the invite, I often forget to bring it!)

Travel Packs
If there is a long drive from your ceremony to the reception, hand out travel packs to your guests.  You can include a bottle of water, a map, a "scavenger hunt" of things they should look for on their way (ask them questions of things they will see from their car and have them fill in the blank with the correct answer) - you can have them turn this in and whoever gets the most answers correct wins a prize - maybe a little snack, etc.

Bathroom Baskets
Place a basket in the men's and women's bathrooms with handy items and treats, such as mints, lotion, chocolates, kleenex, tampons (obviously, only for the women's bathroom) and band aids.  I went to a wedding this past weekend with a basket that had band aids in it, and I was so happy.  Like a typical woman I wore new shoes and had blisters before 7pm.  Those band aids came in handy!

Almost everyone sends their guests home with a favor, but make sure your favors are something the guests will appreciate.  A bag of candy is always eaten, a candle is often burned, a magnet is placed on the refrigerator.  But, a bookmark may or may not make it a book for those who do not enjoy reading, a cookie cutter may not be used by those who do not bake.  Take into account the type of guests you will have at your wedding and consider the favor that fits your budget that they would most appreciate.  (Or, in the least, be sure that your favor fits the theme or feel of your wedding.)

Now. one last thing I would like to add is that many of these suggestions can be pricey.  Be sure to only do the things that will fit within your budget or find ways to make them more cost-effective for you.  And, as always, be creative!  Add your personal touch to that special touch!

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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