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Wedding Details

Planning a Wedding to Remember

Planning a Wedding to Remember

 Volume 10      Issue 5
Weddings with Heart - Part Five

Volunteer Honeymoon

This is our fifth and final issue on "Weddings with Heart".  Today, I will share with you ways in which you can use your honeymoon to share your heart.

You may have seen the "Today Show" segment a few months back on volunteer vacations where couples or families spent their vacations volunteering for non-profits.  This included anything from cleaning park trails to saving penguins.   The Volunteer Honeymoon is really the same thing as a Volunteer Vacation, except that you use your honeymoon to volunteer instead of your vacation!

Sound like a terrible idea to you?  A honeymoon is for relaxing, getting away, recovering from all of that wedding planning, you say?  Well, I couldn't agree with you more.  But, why can't you do both - relax and volunteer?  I think you can, but it does take a special couple to give up their honeymoon in favor of "working" - even if it is for a good cause.

Well, just in case you are that special couple, here are some organizations and their websites where you can volunteer:

The Sierra Club - A wide range of opportunities are available from research projects on whale calving in Maui to archaeological site restoration in New Mexico to helping to clean up park trails.

The American Hiking Society - Rebuild footpaths, cabins and shelters in stunning backcountry and enjoy quiet evenings around a fire.

Habitat for Humanity - Help build houses for people who lack adequate shelter to own.  Find a Habitat project to volunteer at for a few days in the city you are honeymooning in!

I-to-I - Enjoy a supported travel experience while conserving the turtle population in Costa Rica, preserving the Galapagos Islands, or other terrific and unique opportunities!

Volunteer Vacations Hawaii  - Work alongside marine biologists studying Oahu's Hawaiian spinner dolphins.

These are just a few examples of Volunteer Honeymoon opportunities.  Check with your favorite non-profit to see if they have opportunities for you as well.  Or, search the internet for more opportunities!

We hope you have enjoyed our series on "Weddings with Heart" and that you are able to use your wedding as a way to do some good in this world!

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

* Please note: Brilliant Wedding Pages and Brilliance Web Design, Inc. will not be held responsible for any experiences you may have with the services or products of companies listed above, online or other.

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