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 Volume 10      Issue 2
Weddings With Heart - Part Two

Involving Your Guests

As we continue our series on "Weddings with Heart", I challenge you to think of ways in which you can involve your guests in the organization or cause that you are passionate about. And, if you do not have a favorite organization, charity, or cause then I have listed some ideas below for you to involve your guests in doing a good deed through your wedding!

Here are some ideas:

  • Have a table with already prepared type-written letters urging congress to pay special attention to your cause. Ask your guests address and sign a letter to their congressperson. Have stamped envelopes at the table and a list of the congresspeople who represent the guests at your wedding. Then, have your guests write the address of their congressperson and their return address on the envelope, seal it with their letter, and put it in a box for you to send out after your wedding. Need help figuring out who you should have your guests write to? Here is a website that will help you - - remember, though, your guests need to write to THEIR congressperson, not yours. So, make sure they address their letter to the correct representative.

  • Another idea is to ask your guests to bring a non- perishable food item to your wedding as part of your wedding gift. After your wedding, you can take all of the food collected to your local food pantry. This is a really easy way for your guests to be involved in a good cause and it will make them feel great about your wedding.

  • A similar idea is to ask your guests to bring a teddy bear to your wedding. Your Children's Hospital will love to take these teddy bears and give them out to kids who come into their emergency room, or who have terminal illnesses. What a great way to make an impact!

  • Here in the Midwest, a tradition is the dollar dance. Guests can dance with the bride (or groom) for the price of a dollar. Instead of keeping this money, announce that you are going to donate it to your favorite charity - people may be willing to pay a lot more than a dollar to dance with you!

  • Another great idea is to invite someone to come and give a short speech on Organ Donation. They could share a personal story of how organ donation saved their life and then tell your guests how they, too, can become a donor. Guests can be encouraged to sign their driver's licenses and tell their friends and family of their wishes right at your wedding. Getting them talking about this issue is what's important. Here is a website with more information on how to become an organ donor -

  • This idea is a bit more involved - contact your local Red Cross and invite them to hold a blood drive before your reception begins. You will need to get permission from your reception hall, or set it up offsite somewhere, but you could invite your guests to donate blood before the reception begins. Here is the American Red Cross website to help you out -

These are just a few ideas of how to get your guests involved right at your wedding. You, too, can come up with ideas relating to what your passion is - just be creative and remember to inform your guests ahead of time, preferably in your invitations, so that they are not surprised when they arrive at your wedding.

Have fun getting your guests involved! What a great way to have a wedding with heart!

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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