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 Volume 9      Issue 8
Outdoor Bridal Bouquets

Are you planning an outdoor wedding and trying to decide on that perfect outdoor bridal bouquet?  Well, here are some suggestions and ideas for how to choose the outdoor bridal bouquet that is right for you.

Outdoor bridal bouquets, in essence are no different from indoor bridal bouquets.  There are several different shapes of bouquets to choose from, which can include:

  1. Round (Nosegay) - generally smaller and tighter in the shape of a circle (think Martha Stewart).
  2. Arm Bouquet - carried in the crook of your arm, generally with long stems often tied with a ribbon.
  3. Cascade (Teardrop) - The more traditional, oval-shaped bouquet with flowers or greenery hanging down from the bottom.
  4. Hand-tied - a loosely tied bouquet of flowers with the look of having been hand-picked from the garden.

For your outdoor wedding, there is no one right answer as to which will look best.  Generally, the best way to decide on the shape of your outdoor bridal bouquet is to choose the shape that most appeals to you.  After all, it's you who needs to love the look of your bridal bouquet.

When choosing the type of flowers for your outdoor bridal bouquet, it will help to keep in mind what flowers are in-season, since they will be less expensive.  Here is a link to a list of some popular wedding flowers, including when they are in season.  But, one suggestion I have always loved is to make sure to include your favorite flower, even if only one or two, in your bridal bouquet, since it will bring you a lot of joy to see and associate that flower with your wedding day.

Since your wedding is outdoors, you may also want to consider carrying brighter flowers or flowers that coordinate with the colors of the bridesmaids dresses.  Traditionally, brides carry white flowers, but when outdoors, the flowers may more easily blend in with your wedding dress, especially if it a bright day outside.  By carrying colorful flowers, your guests eyes will attracted right to you, your flowers, and your wedding dress. Here is a link to some wonderful photos of colorful bridal bouquets (you will have to create a login and password if you do not have one).

On the same note, you may want to have your bridesmaids carry a color that contrasts with the color of the dresses they will be wearing - including the possibility of their carrying white flowers (the opposite of what your guests would expect!).   Here is a link to some wonderful photos of white bridal bouquets (you will have to create a login and password if you do not have one).

Don't forget, too, that you can often purchase flowers for a lot less from your local grocery store.  This is an especially good idea of you plan to carry a hand-tied bouquet and can easily create the look yourself with your choice of flowers and some ribbon,  Just remember to plan in the time it takes to tie these bouquets in your wedding day schedule, or make sure to ask a creative family member for some help.

Finally, remember that there are many ways for you to make your own outdoor bridal bouquet.  From using silk flowers to arranging your own fresh flowers.  Here are some links to help you out:

I hope this helps you out in choosing the perfect outdoor bridal bouquet for you!

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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