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Brilliant Wedding Pages December 15, 2003

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Brooke and Jonathan

Brooke and Jonathan

Visit the wedding website of Brooke and Jonathan to see how one couple is sharing the joy of their wedding!
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The Best of Martha Stewart Living - Weddings

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Emily Post's Wedding Planner

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"We've had so many compliments on our website! It's made the out of town guests feel particularly welcome and especially interested in attending the wedding...Thanks to you for establishing such a fantastic service. It's been great!"

- Siobahn
 Volume 9      Issue 6
Free Bridal Party Games

Are you planning a bridal party or shower for your best friend, sister or relative?  Are you having a hard time find quick, simple, fun games to play - let alone for free?  Well, here are some great free bridal party games and ideas to get your party started.

Many of these free bridal party games are actually recommendations and ideas and could cost you a little bit of money to accomplish.  The bridal party game ideas, however, are listed below and described to you for free!

  1. Bridal Party Bingo - every bridal shower includes the customary opening of gifts, which can be long and tedious for those who are just watching.  Hand out bingo cards and have your guests list gifts they think the bride will receive.  When someone gets five across, down or diagonally, they yell "bingo" and receive a prize.  You can continue playing for as many prizes as you would like to give.  The great thing about this game is that it keeps your guests attention while gift after gift is opened.  Get our free Bridal Bingo Card word document online.
  2. Wedding Word Scramble - this is a quick and fun game to play.  Just have your guests unscramble wedding words within a certain time limit.  The person who completes the most wins a prize.  Get our free Wedding Word Scramble document online.
  3. On This Day - this will take a bit of research - Search on the internet to find important events that happened on the same day as the date of the couple's wedding (for example, a famous person's birthday or event in history).  Type these up  and cut them into slips of paper.  Put the slips in balloons, then blow up the balloons with the papers inside.  Have every guest choose a balloon and pop it. Go around and announce all of the important events.  The person with "The names of the couple and date get married" wins a prize (ex. Jennifer and Todd tie the knot, April 3, 2004).
  4. Household Hilarity - Divide guests up into teams of about 4-5 people.  Give each team a fabric bag with identical household items in them.  Each team must guess what is in the bag without looking (just feeling the items from the outside).  The team that guesses the most items correctly wins.  You can also allow each team to divide up the items in the bag to take home. (Hint: go to a dollar store to purchase cheap items, such as a mixing spoon, dish scraper, oven mitt, potato peeler, etc.)
  5. Wedding Jeopardy - this game can take a lot of energy to create, but can be a lot of fun for those attending who may not know a lot about the couple. Basically, it is like Jeopardy, but with categories and questions about the couple.  Without going into too much detail, you will need to make up a board with the categories, questions, and point system - you can be simple or elaborate with this.  Then, divide the guests into 2 teams and play "Wedding Jeopardy".

We hope these free bridal party games will give you some of your own ideas for fun ways to keep your bridal shower going!

Best Wishes to you and I hope you are having a jouyous holiday season,
Kelly Kons

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the staff at!

Merry Christmas!Due to the holidays, there will be no Cost-Effective Bride on Monday, December 29th. You will receive the next Cost-Effective Bride Newsletter on Monday, January 12th, 2004. Please have a safe and happy New Year's and may you be blessed in all that you do!

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