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Featured Couple: Holly and Aric

Holly and Aric

Visit the wedding website of Holly and Aric to see how one couple is sharing the joy of their wedding!
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"We have been having a lot of fun with the website. It is so nice to be able to share our itinerary, logistical information about staying in San Francisco and fun photos with both sides of our families (in Boston and Seattle) and friends. I think the website is a terrific idea - especially for those couples that have folks traveling for their weddings."

- Courtney

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Your guests will love seeing photos of you, your fiance, your relationship, and your lives through your online photo album with the following features

  • Unlimited number of photo albums
  • Unlimited number of photos within each album
  • Add and edit your own captions
  • Add, edit, resize, or delete your photos and photo albums
Example Photo Album

Share photos of your engagement, bridal party, years together, and wedding with your photo album!

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You look nervously down the endless aisle...

Wasn't it just yesterday that you thought this day would never come?
Share Your Wedding. Share Your Life.
 Volume 9      Issue 2
Discount Candy Wedding Favors

Thinking about ordering ready-made wedding favors for your upcoming wedding? Why not save some money and make them yourself? Here's one popular wedding favor that many sites offer "ready-made", but that you could make yourself at a much reduced price - brushed metal tin discount candy wedding favors.

To start making your discount candy wedding favors, you will need the tins to hold the candy in. I have searched a few sites on the internet and one site I found that offers brushed metal tins at a decent price is SKS. (But search for yourself as well and see if you can find them at a better price!)

Next, your discount candy wedding favors need the candy. You can purchase the candy at your local discount or super store, or you can purchase it online. One site I have found online that offers a variety of candies in bulk is The Candy Warehouse. Do a search on your favorite type of chocolate or mint on this site to learn the bulk discount price of that type of candy.

You will also want to add some decoration to your discount candy wedding favors. So, next head to your local office supply store to purchase round labels for the top of the tins. You can run these through your computer with your names and wedding date, a saying or scripture that you like, a photo of you together, or a graphic representing the theme of your wedding. You can also purchase the labels online at Office Max (search on "round labels" or "Avery Round White Inkjet/Laser Labels"). Make sure that the label's diameter corresponds with the tin's diameter or is a bit smaller.

Finally, purchase some ribbon in your wedding party colors to wrap around your discount candy wedding favors. You can find ribbon at your local craft store or at an online craft store site.

To compare prices, one online site I found sells the following:

  • 2.5 in. x 1.75 in. brushed metal tins with personalized labels (that you have to assemble yourself) - 12 for $21.95 ($1.83/tin)

But, you also need to purchase the candy and ribbon:

  • 10 lbs. Chocolate Espresso Beans - $48.50 (approx. 135 pieces/lb. = 9 beans/favor)
  • 9 spools white satin ribbon - $1.99/8 yards = $17.91 ($0.12/favor)
144 Favors = $329.81

The total we are looking at spending on our discount candy wedding favors is:

  • 2.375 in. x 1.75 in. Brushed Metal Tins - $86.40/144 ($0.60/tin)
  • 10 lbs. Chocolate Espresso Beans - $48.50 (approx. 135 pieces/lb. = 9 beans/favor)
  • 300 Avery Labels - $15.99 ($0.10/label, since you will not use all of them.)
  • 9 spools white satin ribbon - $1.99/8 yards = $17.91 ($0.12/favor)
144 Favors = $168.80

* Please note that I did not include shipping costs for either the ready-made wedding favors or the discount candy wedding favors.

Don't forget that making your own favor will cost you time. Never under-estimate, however, the power of friends - get all of your bridesmaids together to put together the favors and make a party of it!

Finally, add your own personality to your wedding favors. You can tie your ribbon however you like, add a charm to it, or a little tag - be creative and make your wedding favors...your wedding favors!

Best Wishes!

Kelly Kons

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Wedding Details

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Planning a Wedding to Remember

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