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Planning a Wedding to Remember

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 Volume 9      Issue 1
Christian Bachelorette Party

Do you want to throw a christian bachelorette party, but aren't sure what to do? Or, are you looking for bachelorette party ideas that will involve an evening filled with good, clean fun? Either way, these christian bachelorette party ideas are sure to be a hit, without being boring or prudish.

First, a christian bachelorette party - or any bachelorette party for that matter - should be a special evening for the bachelorette, right? Well, a special evening for anyone includes things they love - their favorite foods, drinks, movies, activities, etc. So, let's begin with the drinks for your christian bachelorette party.

You can make lots of fun and sassy drinks to consume at the party, but without the alcohol. Take a look at these sites for some delicious non-alcoholic drink recipes:

Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes:

Next, the food for your christian bachelorette party. Fill candy dishes with the bride's favorite candies and snacks. Get all of the girls together to make the bride's favorite dinner. Cooking is a wonderful bonding experience and is a sure-fire way to break the ice if there are lots of people who don't know each other. While you are cooking, have the bride sit on a stool and ask her lots of great in-depth questions. For example, what are you most looking forward to about being married? Or, where do you see yourself and the groom in 20 years from now. Get the bride talking about herself and the groom. Everyone is sure to learn tons.

After dinner, give everyone a bit of a break to mill around, use the bathroom, do their thing. But, don't give them too long - there's still lots to accomplish.

Before your christian bachelorette party, ask all of the guests to bring their favorite photo of the bride with them (the invitation would be a good place to ask this). Go to your local craft or scrapbooking store and purchase some fancy papers and supplies (ribbons, glue, stamps, ink pads, etc.).

Gather everyone back together, with their photos. Have them make a page with the photo they have brought and the supplies for a keepsake photo book for the bride. They can write a personal message on their page or just use their creativity to let their personality shine through. The bride can make a page, too, but without a photo. After the wedding, she can insert a wedding photo as the last page of the book. Tie the book together with some ribbon and the bride has a great memory of the evening and of her friends! (For more ideas, see our article on Embossing Wedding Invitations.)

To top the evening off, make some popcorn and watch the bride's favorite movie or play her favorite game. Send everyone home with some of the bride's favorite candy or another favor to remember the evening by.

The most important thing about your christian bachelorette party is that it is fun for the bride. So, be sure to do things she enjoys and will appreciate. Don't be afraid to ask her beforehand if there is anything in particular that she wants to do. She might have some great thoughts for you!

Best Wishes!

Kelly Kons

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