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Wedding music clips can also be found by searching on CDs and then going to "listen" links. But, if you don't know the name of the CD or song, this can be difficult. Here is a list of CDs that could help you out and lead you to more wedding music clips:
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Wedding Music Clips

Are you looking for wedding music clips to listen to before deciding what you would like played at your wedding or wasting your money purchasing the wrong CD? Well, I have compiled some great sites for you to take a look at, all of which feature great wedding music clips. Some of the sites will even allow you to download some or all of the wedding music that they feature. All will let you listen to wedding music clips online.

Check out these websites with wedding music clips:
This site is especially great if you have an idea of what wedding music clips you are looking for. You can type the title of the song or artist into the search box and choose "Popular Music", "Music Downloads", or "Classical Music" from the drop box. When you find the CD you are looking for, scroll down to the middle of the product page and you will find a section where you can listen to clips of some of the wedding songs on the CD. Hopefully, the song you were looking for will be listed. Also, try typing "Wedding Music" into the search box. There are lots of CDs that have been created just for brides and grooms and has quite a selection. Free Music Downloads (under the left search box choose "Music Downloads" as your product type and then a keyword, like "wedding" or "Bach" in the search box.)

This is another portion of that is fantastic for finding wedding music clips. It is helpful if you know the name of the song or CD that you are looking for, but you can also just browse music by genres (Classical, Country, etc.). You can do a search if you only know one or two words from the title of the song or CD. But, definitely the best part is that once you find the wedding music clip you were looking for, you can download it to your computer, so, you can listen to it over and over or compare it to the other choices you are considering. And, often the wedding music clips are longer than on other sites.
The link above will take you directly to their wedding ceremony clips, however in the toolbar under "Wedding Songs" you can also find links to pages with wedding music clips for other portions of your wedding. Some of these CDs can be purchased directly from this site, but you can also cost compare with to see if the price is better there if you have decided to use a certain song in your wedding.

Journey Down the Aisle
This site is a bit unusual - it goes through the order of a wedding ceremony and recommends music for each portion of the wedding ceremony. Of course, all of this music is nicely compiled on a CD for you, which they would like you to buy. But, you can listen to clips of each of the songs without purchasing the CD, so that can help you to decide what songs you like, before you commit to any purchase. If you find a specific wedding music clip that you like, try searching for it on as well.

New Traditions Wedding Music
This site is also, of course, trying to sell you their products. In the meantime, however, you can listen to wedding music clips and see a list of the compilations on their CDs. It is worth taking a look at. (You have to scroll all the way down to each of the pages to see links to the wedding music clips.)

Here are some other sites you may enjoy taking a look at:

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