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"I have really enjoyed this service and it is obvious you guys really care about your customers and are willing to try meet their needs as much and as best as you can. You have been great at customer service and I am getting a lot of compliments on the site! Thanks again."

- Melinda
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 Volume 7      Issue 6
Wedding Website Templates

Looking for a cost-effective way to make a wedding website or wedding website template?  Here are several ideas for the most cost-effective way to create your wedding website template as well as advantages and disadvantages of each.

Yahoo Website Templates

The major advantage to Yahoo's website templates is that they are free.  But, there are a lot of disadvantages that may outweigh this aspect.

First, Yahoo website templates are not made specifically for weddings.  Therefore, you are limited  in the look and feel of your wedding website.  Second, they don't offer features that most couples would prefer on their wedding website template - wedding countdown, wedding quiz, photo albums, online RSVP, etc.  Finally, depending on your web skills, the site can be mildly difficult to use.  Once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad, but it takes some time to get used to.

The major disadvantage to Yahoo's website templates is the advertising.  The ads are often obtrusive and distracting.  Plus, the ads can be embarrassing (such as spy camera ads, etc) and not what you want your visitors to remember about your wedding website.

I created a website through Yahoo that you can take a look at:  Once I had made this page, however, I never figured out how to get back into it to make changes.

Free Wedding Website Templates

These wedding website templates offer some features and quality, however, they are also quite generic.  The good thing about them is that they are free. But again, the disadvantages may outweigh the price.

The free wedding website templates are often limited in their abilities - you can only have 2 photos, you only get 2 pages, etc.  And, while they are geared towards weddings their real purpose is to get you to register for your wedding at their online stores.  They advertise their products right on your wedding website - not just on your registry page, but throughout your entire site (for gifts you may or may not have registered for).  Registering at their stores can be a nice feature for you, however, your visitors will probably see right through this and may be turned off by this transparency.  They want to learn more about you from your wedding website - not about what presents you want or what products the site offers.

Formula-Made Wedding Website Templates

What I mean by Formula-Made wedding website templates is that they are a one-size fits all wedding website.  You get a certain list of features for one price - usually pretty high ($99 and up) - and often you cannot make changes once your website is out there (without paying for the changes).  If there is a feature you would like that isn't offered, you can often get that feature, but for a really high price.

Also, watch out for per month hosting costs.  These can add up!  Make sure you have the whole story before signing up for a formula-made wedding website.

Brilliant Wedding Pages

Brilliant Wedding Pages offers instantly customizable and totally comprehensive wedding website templates.  Unfortunately, wedding website templates cost money.  Fortunately, however, the price is not obnoxious and you can actually choose how much you want to spend.  (The average amount a couple spends is $36 for a wedding website for one whole year.) offers many layout choices as well as the features you want on your wedding website template - photo albums, RSVP online, wedding countdown, guestbook, etc.  Check out all of these features and their individual prices at or compare them to the free wedding website templates

There are no advertisements on your wedding website template and you can link your registry page to any online registries you may have.

Probably one of the great advantages of is that each of the features, or Add-ons, are priced separately.  This is a cost savings translated directly to you - you don't have to purchase features you don't want or pay a higher price for a formula-made wedding website template. See an example site.

Plus, you can make changes to your wedding website yourself, as often as you like, and at no additional charge.  Try a one-week free trial of a wedding website for yourself to see how easy and fun it is to use as well as the quality you will receive for a price you can afford.

Being cost-effective doesn't always mean purchasing the least expensive product.  It means purchasing the highest quality at the best price.  Be cost-effective in your decisions and you will always be happy with your choice.

Kelly Kons
My Wedding Website

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