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The Best of Martha Stewart Living - Weddings

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 Volume 7      Issue 2
Seed Packet Wedding Favors

The following article comes to us from Jon and Christy (02/15/03) with the help of Jon's mother. Jon & Christy decided that they wanted to make seed packets as wedding favors and Jon's Mom, Margaret, came up with some great ideas for how to go about it. Here's what they did:

Margaret took a commercial packet of seeds and carefully opened the seal from all the way around the seed packet. She was then able to trace a pattern for her seed packet wedding favors to follow. She went to a specialty paper store and chose a pattern that fit with the theme of Jon & Christy's wedding. She was able to trace 20 seed packets on each piece of paper. The paper cost her $6.00/piece ($6.00 divided by 20 packets equals $0.30/packet). Hint: if your paper can fit in a copy machine, you may want to xerox the pattern onto each piece of paper, rather than tracing each by hand.

seed packet wedding favorsNext, Margaret cut out each seed packet from the paper individually (sorry, no way around this, unless you don't need or want your packet to look as professional - then, you could come up with your own packet pattern with less cuts). She then folded each seed packet wedding favor in the same manner as the commercial seed packet had. Then, she began glueing each of the folds with Elmer's glue, making sure to leave the top flap open to pour the seeds into. When this was complete she pressed each seed packet under a stack of books and allowed them time to dry (so that the seeds would not sprout in the packet).

Once dry and flat, Margaret added a photo of the lovely couple to the front of the seed packet wedding favors by making color xerox copies of photos they had given her (you could also print these on your computer if you have a nice printer or you could make them in black and white to save money). She cut out each photo and again glued them to the seed packet wedding favors with Elmer's glue.

seed packet wedding favorsNext, Margaret added the seeds to the packets. They ordered the seeds in bulk from Flower Art & Soul. When choosing the type of seed you would like to give to your guests, make sure to pick flowers that carry meaning (historically or to you) or that are within the theme colors of your wedding. Here is a website with the meaning of some flowers and here are some more tips from Flower Art & Soul. It looks like 1 lb, of seed would be enough for 150-200 seed packets (1 teaspoon per packet).

Finally, once the seeds have been added to the packet it is time to seal the packet up. Jon & Christy printed labels on their computer which they then used to seal their seed packet wedding favors with. They have graciously provided us with their seed packet wedding favor label template which you, too, can use (make sure to change the directions according to the type of flower you have chosen).

Last but not least, consider these variations for your seed packet wedding favors:

  • Add a wedding favor poem instead of or with your picture
  • Use vellum paper
  • Add a charm or bow to the packets
  • Stamp plain paper with your names and wedding date

seed packet wedding favorsIn total, these seed packet wedding favors could cost you between $0.65 - $1.50/packet depending on how fancy you make them - really, this is a pretty inexpensive, yet extremely meaningful wedding favor!

Best Wishes to you,
Kelly Kons

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