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Brilliant Wedding Pages December 16, 2002

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Matt and Cassie

Matt and Cassie

Visit the wedding website of Matt and Cassie to see how one couple is sharing the joy of their wedding!
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The Best of Martha Stewart Living - Weddings

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Emily Post's Wedding Planner

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"We have received so many compliments on the website and we had so much fun setting it up. We designed little business cards and listed our website address so that everyone could see it. It has given everyone the opportunity who didn't know how we met as well as some friends/family who has not seen us in a while to see us before our big day."

- Kamilah
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 Volume 6      Issue 6
Variations on Wedding Ideas

Many of you have written in to me with some great ideas. I always like to share what you have to say, so in this issue of the Cost-Effective Bride, you will find out how other brides and grooms have used their creativity to come up with variations on ideas in past articles.

"Quilt Iron-On" from Melanie
Inspired by: Wedding Quilt Keepsake

"I read your article and loved it, but also thought you could make another twist to it...Now you can take pictures and turn them into iron-ons. I thought it would be a great idea to either use pictures from throughout the couple's relationship or maybe to use the engagement photos that most couples get and don't know what do do with."

Thanks Melanie! What a great idea! Make photos into Iron Ons, then iron them onto a blanket or quilt for your guests to sign as a guestbook. You can make a collage or just one large picture, or use a photo for every couple of sqaures on the quilt.

"Fridge Magnet" help from Lars
Inspired by: Make Magnets as Wedding Favors

"Thanks for the how-to notes on your web page on fridge magnet wedding favors. My wife and I got married Sept. 21, 2002, and we made similar wedding favors. We got lots of positive comments on them!

A few details... after setting up our Word document the way you described, we got our photos printed in color on glossy card stock. Having this stiff paper, I believe, made it easier to attach the photos to the magnets, and it was only about 4 cents more per page. We did not laminate our magnets. We got the copying and cutting done at a local university copy center, which was much cheaper than Kinko's or Staples. In all, the magnets came to $0.31 each, for 300 magnets.

Incidentally, I didn't have much luck with inserting text boxes in the Word document... it was very hard to make them line up like I wanted. So I did all the text beforehand, using a graphical photo editor program like Photoshop (I actually used PhotoStudio 5, which came with our scanner) and so the text was already part of the jpg file before I inserted it into the Word document.

One other detail to note is resolution. People may want to consult the printing / copying place about what resolution they suggest for the photo scan. My understanding is that 600dpi is a good resolution for printing."

Thanks for your help, Lars! I am under the impression that 300dpi is a good resolution for printing, however, I am sure more can't hurt. Consulting your place of printing is a great idea!

If you would like to send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, I would love to hear them and possibly include them in a future issue of the Cost-Effective Bride. Send them to:

Best Wishes to you and I hope you are having a jouyous holiday season,
Kelly Kons

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