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  •  Volume 4      Issue 1
    How To Make Your Wedding Unity Candle

    Wedding unity candles are so expensive - have you ever noticed that? And, at least when I was looking, I couldn't find one that suited the personality of our wedding. I had a lot of trouble finding a unity candle that I liked and could afford. So, I finally decided to just make my own wedding unity candle. Here's how you can make your own wedding unity candle, too!

    First, you will need the following (all should be available at your local craft store):

    • Rubbing Alcohol
    • 8-inch White Pillar Candle
    • Candle Painting Medium
    • Various Colored Acrylic paints (wedding theme colors)
    • 2 3-inch clay saucers
    • Compressed Sponge
    • 1-inch Flat Paintbrush
    • No. 1 Liner Paintbrush
    • No. 4 Flat Paintbrush

    Start by cleaning off the outside of the candle with the rubbing alcohol. Then, mix your paint with the same amount of candle painting medium (ex. if you use 1 tablespoon of acrylic paint, mix it with a 1 tablespoon of candle painting medium).

    Moisten the sponge with water, but wring most of the water out. Dip flat portion of sponge in paint mixture. Make patterns on the candle with the sponge (square, diamond, or whatever you like).

    Here is where the creativity comes in. With the paintbrushes, you can paint vertical lines, or dots, or whatever you would like. You can write your wedding scripture or a poem. Or, you could simply put your names and wedding date on the candle. How you make your candle look is up to you.

    Once you have completed painting your candle, it is time to make the unity candle holder. Using the 1-inch flatbrush, paint the clay saucers the color that you desire. Once the saucers are dry, glue the bottoms of the two saucers together. Tie a ribbon around the saucers, if you like. Place your candle in one of the saucers and set on table. Your wedding unity candle is complete!

    Enjoy this wedding craft project! And, have fun planning and preparing for your wedding!

    Kelly Kons,

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