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Brilliant Wedding Pages December 17, 2001

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The Romance of Tulle

Tulle - you know, that "sheer, often stiffened silk, rayon, or nylon, net used chiefly for veils or ballet costumes."(1) While true that it is often used in veils, there are so many other uses for tulle at your wedding! Almost anything can be romanticized with a little tulle. Here are just a few ideas.

Never under-estimate the power of white Christmas lights - any time of year! To add some sparkle to your ceremony site, wrap your lights loosely in some tulle then entwine the lights and tulle around communion rails, your flowers, a gazebo, doorway, or wherever you see fit.

Has your florist offered to make pew bows for your ceremony? Why not save a little cash and make them yourself - from tulle. Simply tie a length of tulle into a bow, leaving lots of extra on the end to drape down to the floor. Or, if you would like to make it a bit more fancy, use a bow maker (sold at most craft stores), or add some gold or other colored ribbon in the middle or outside of the tulle to give your bow more shape.

G iving out bubbles or seeds at your ceremony for your guests to throw or blow at you? Spice these little tidbits up with some tulle! Cut small squares of tulle, wrap them around the bubbles, or place the seeds inside, and tie a small ribbon at the top.

D o your wedding favors need a little something more? Wrap them in tulle and tie a ribbon around the top. Did you know that tulle comes in many different colors? You may even be able to find it in your wedding colors! Ask at your local craft store.

T ulle has many versatile uses for your wedding. And, it has the bonus of being an elegant addition to your wedding reception and ceremony. Enjoy finding other uses for tulle at your wedding and let me know what creative ideas you come up with!

Kelly Kons,

(1) Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary

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