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Brilliant Wedding Pages March 31, 2005

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"We have received so many compliments on the website and we had so much fun setting it up. We designed little business cards and listed our website address so that everyone could see it. It has given everyone the opportunity who didn't know how we met as well as some friends/family who has not seen us in a while to see us before our big day."

- Kamilah
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Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Planning a Wedding to Remember

Planning a Wedding to Remember

Wedding Invitations - great selection
 Volume 12      Issue 3
Wedding Stationary Invitations Online

Purchasing wedding stationary and invitations can be confusing.  What parts are necessary and what can you forego.  Here is a list of each of the different components of your wedding stationary and invitations and some suggestions of where to purchase them online.

Wedding Invitation
The date, time, and place of the wedding is listed on the invitation.  Since the invitation sets the tone of your wedding the style of the invitation should match the style of your wedding (formal, casual, etc.) 

Reception Card
If only some people are invited to the reception then a response card is included for those who are invited to the reception.  If everyone is invited to the reception than skip this card.  Save money and effort by listing the location of the reception on the actual invitation.

Response Card/Envelope
"The favor of your reply is requested by (date)".  For small weddings you may be able to forego this card and opt to write R.S.V.P. on the invitation.  For larger weddings, however, it is often necessary to have these cards in order to correctly judge the number of people in attendance for the caterer or event planner.  The name and address of the hosts of the wedding is printed on the envelope.

Outer Envelope
This is the envelope that the address and stamp go on.  It is most certainly necessary, however you do not need fancy envelope liners. You also may have the option of having the return address printed on the envelope which is generally preferable to using a label or other method (unless you have beautiful handwriting and do it yourself or pay a calligrapher to do so).

Inner Envelope
This is the envelope that the invitation and Response Card/Envelope are place within.  This is definitely not a necessity and consider saving some money by leaving this one out.

Personal Stationary/Envelopes
Often used for thank you notes and correspondence having personal stationary is very nice, but not necessary.  You can purchase less expensive thank you notes at Target or online that work just as well.

Here are some sites to purchase wedding stationary and invitations online:

And, here is a site where you can purchase stamps online, including photo stamps.

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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