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Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Planning a Wedding to Remember

Planning a Wedding to Remember

 Volume 11      Issue 7
Trifold Wedding Program Template

Trifold Wedding Program TemplateTrying to find a way to make your wedding program new and different has become difficult.  But, with a little creativity it is definitely still possible!  Just this past weekend I was at a wedding with a beautiful program that was simple and unique.  They had a trifold wedding program that was placed in a paper folder of sorts.  It was quite beautiful.  Here is what they did:

Trifold Wedding Program Template:

To make their trifold wedding program, they divided a letter-sized document into three columns.  You can use each of these columns however you would prefer, but they used theirs simply to list the participants in their ceremony as well as to explain some of the rituals of their particular religion's wedding ceremony.  They printed their wedding program on thicker paper (probably 20 lb. paper) and folded it into three sections (making the trifold).

Here is a free trifold wedding program template for you to use in make your own trifold wedding program.

Trifold Wedding Program Folder:

Trifold Wedding Program Template

Next, they used a strip of paper in an accent color as the "folder".  They measured this strip to be wider in length than their folded trifold wedding program.  For the height of the "folder" they used the standard 11" length of a letter-sized piece of paper.  Then, they folded a section of the paper up to create the folder.  They punched two small holes on either side of the top of the fold and tied ribbon through the holes to hold the folder together.

Finally, they inserted the trifold wedding program into the folder and even placed a map to the wedding reception behind the program in the folder.

It was a quite simple yet very unique trifold wedding program.  And, don't forget to make your unique to you by using paper in your wedding colors or trying different ribbon color-combinations.  You can vary this template any way you wish! 

Best Wishes,
Kelly Kons

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